Inodorina Refresh Sensitive 40 wet wipes

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Inodorina Refresh Sensitive 40 wet wipes

Refresh Sensitive wet wipes are specifically made for sensitive and allergic skin, while respecting the natural pH of dogs, cats and puppies. Useful at any time of the day, they are essential for the daily care of pets, to clean, perfume and give gloss to their coats.

Inodorina Refresh Sensitive are extremely useful in day to day life with our pets: before travelling by car and after a walk or a trip outdoors. Inodorina Refresh Bio are particularly useful when arriving back home on rainy days because they neutralize the molecules of bad odour on wet fur, leaving the coat clean and fragrant.

Alcohol free. Paraben free. SLS free. Not tested on animals.

Inodorina Refresh Sensitve is available in 2 references: with Micellar Water and Milk Proteins.

How to use:

Take out a wipe from the pack, gently wipe the pet's coat. No rinsing necessary.