PowAir Penetrator

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PowAir Penetrator is a powerful spray that combines natural microbial enzymes (bacteria) and essential oils to safely remove organic odors from materials such as fabric, textiles, upholstery, carpet, leather, shoes, wood, and concrete.

PowAir Penetrator removes organic odors, including urine, sweat, body odor, vomiting, feces, blood, grease, mold, and smoke when it enters porous materials.

PowAir Penetrator contains the patented Odorchem industrial blend of 40 essential oils, including a new innovative range of microbial enzymes. The combination of ingredients gives PowAir Penetrator a dual ability to neutralize odor that is unparalleled.

Spray PowAir Penetrator onto surfaces with unpleasant odors and let it soak into the material. PowAir Penetrator will permanently remove all organic odors.

PowAir Penetrator is environmentally friendly and safe to use with family and pets.

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Ingredients: water, live bacteria, essential oils, and polysorbate 20 (food surfactant).

Available in 500 ml / 1 l / 3.27 l

How to use:
Shake well before using.
Test small amounts on hidden material to ensure color fastness.
Remove excess odor-causing material from affected areas.
Thoroughly saturate the affected area and let dry.
Repeat treatment as necessary.