Fox Cat Toy with Silver Vine

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Filled with fragrant Silver Vine and rustling spelt, this lovable fox-shaped toy is doubly attractive for your playful pet. These certified ingredients have a completely natural stimulating effect. Silver Vine (Actinidia polygama) – also known as cat powder – comes from the matatabi plant, which is part of the kiwi family and grows in the mountainous regions of Japan and China.Similar to catnip and baldrian, Silver Vine has a captivating effect on cats, but even humans who are very sensitive to smell merely detect a pleasantly subtle scent comparable to a herbal tea.

This cute fox is great to nudge and romp around with and also acts as a loyal cuddle buddy thanks to its soft, cosy surface. Visually appealing details such as its green pointy ears and high-quality embroidered smiling face make this cat toy an attractive accessory. The zoolove trademark is indicative of good quality at a fair price. It also symbolises readiness to help and love of animals. By purchasing this zoolove cat toy, you are helping pets in need because 10%* of the sale price of each zoolove product goes to a selected animal charity.

zoolove Silver Vine Fox at a glance:

Stimulating cat toy
Filled with Silver Vine (Actinida polygama): made from the leaves of the matatabi plant, irresistible and captivating for cats, similar to catnip or baldrian
Rustling spelt: additional filling that makes the toy even more attractive
Subtle scent: whilst cats are intensely aware of the smell of Silver Vine, it is pleasantly light for humans
Soft cosy surface: ideal cuddle buddy
Cute appearance: made with great attention to detail and high-quality embroidery
Natural filling: certified natural ingredients
Assured origin: made in Germany
Colour: orange and green
Body: soft plush (100% PES)
Ears: 100% cotton
Filling: Silver Vine and spelt

Please note:
Since Silver Vine can have a very powerful effect on cats, we recommend only giving the toy to your cat for short periods of time to prevent overstimulation.

As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Please check the product regularly for damage and replace if it is damaged or missing any pieces, otherwise your pet may face the risk of injury.